Monday, January 24, 2011

25 things you must quit doing right now

I stumbled across this blog yesterday and wanted to share the following post from there.

They say, “quitters never prosper.” Really? I disagree. You and your leadership will certainly be better off if you quit doing these things:
  1. Quit putting yourself down.
  2. Quit trying to please everybody.
  3. Quit looking down (check out Dan Rockwell’s post regarding this one).
  4. Quit swearing (it makes you look and sound unprofessional).
  5. Quit trying to be someone/anyone else but yourself.
  6. Quit stealing others’ thunder.
  7. Quit talking about yourself.
  8. Quit spending more than you earn.
  9. Quit pretending to have the answer when you don’t.
  10. Quit wasting time watching TV.
  11. Quit with the martyr complex. It’s ugly.
  12. Quit with the savior complex. It’s uglier.
  13. Quit eating after you’re full.
  14. Quit procrastinating.
  15. Quit whining about the lack of volunteers in your ministry.
  16. Quit worrying (do you realize Jesus said this, not me?).
  17. Quit giving your family all your leftover energy.
  18. Quit avoiding the difficult tasks.
  19. Quit putting off quiet time with Christ.
  20. Quit taking the word of nay-sayers as fact.
  21. Quit planning and strategizing alone without the wisdom from others and God Himself.
  22. Quit trying to figure it all out (regain the wonder of a child).
  23. Quit bullying in the name of Jesus.
  24. Quit going to the store when you don’t have money to spend.
  25. Quit reading this post and get out there and start quitting!


Leadership Freak said...

Very creative and useful list. Thanks for linking to one of my posts.



Scott Couchenour said...

Thanks for the connection!

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