Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My 23rd

Several years ago I was doing a study on prayer called Disciples Prayer Life.  The author's T.W. Hunt and Catherine Walker suggested that we each have an identify with God that one no else does.  They suggested a way to have a better understanding of who God is by writing your own Psalm 23  this way:

Verse 1: who God is in relation to you - two phrases
Verse 2: where He puts you - two phrases
Verse 3: the walk you have with Him - two phrases
Verse 4: potential danger and His protection - three phrases
Verse 5: God's provision - three phrases
Verse 6: your future in this special relationship with God - two phrases

Here was mine from several years ago and updated just a touch.  Still so true for me.

Elohim is my Provider,
I have all I need.

He leads me to places that make me rely on Him,
He leads me to the end of myself.

He restores my mind.
He molds my mind into the mind of Christ for His glory's sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of doubt, unbelief and worry,
I will fear no thought or emotion.
For Your Word and Your Spirit comfort me.

You give me wisdom and new insight in the presence of my ignorance,
You anoint me with your Spirit of peace and perfect provision,
Your Word runs out of me and builds my faith,

Surely knowledge and wisdom will be with me all of my life.
I am the body of Christ. 

May you have a better understanding of who your God is today.

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Angel said...

wow. I love that.... and I needed it.

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