Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We went camping!

We had the privilege of stealing away for a weekend with some friends to go camping. We went to a state park about an hour away that was just beautiful!  Our friends that invited us know how to do it right. They had all the toys that make camping fun.

Our home away from home thanks to some generous friends.
The view from the breakfast table.

Enjoying our first real fall.
A cool teepee someone left in the back of the woods. 
An early birthday present - horseback riding!

Going for a ride. 
Gonna catch a big one!

Sweet friends.

Such a blessing! We just might have to make this an annual family tradition!


TheMenuMom said...

How fun is that! We went camping with friends this past weekend too! Did you get cold in your tent? We had campers with heaters! LOL

Marie said...

Yay! Cool pictures! I love the view from the breakfast table!

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