Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Big Rock, Lesson # 2

We did not fill up our marble jar in September, but we are continuing to work on it and doing well.  We have been gone a lot and I keep forgetting to put marbles in.  The kids remember better than me sometimes but we are moving on to lesson number two.  I am using this book as a guide in case you want to check it out yourself.   Lesson number two in learning honor is this: do more than what's expected.

I get parenting emails from this website that always have good short examples of how to implement character into your kids.  Our example for lesson number two comes from there.

I have made a sign by the light switch in the bathroom that reads:  Is the bathroom ready for the next person?  Picking up the towel and taking out the dirty clothes are first on the list but I am asking the girls to think of one more thing to do to make the bathroom a little neater. 

Did you remember put the new toilet paper on the roller? Is the sink clean? Are the towels hanging neatly? Is the rug nice and neat? These are examples of ways that we can continue to show honor to each other and we probably won't get any credit or reward for them. This is an opportunity to learn and remember that if you do your acts of righteousness before men then you have received your reward, but if you do your acts of righteousness before God then God who sees in secret will reward you openly (Matthew 6:1-4). 

I expect them to do their chores and things that are asked, but to do more than what's expected is definitely a way of showing honor.  We will keep filling the jar up as before when we catch each other showing honor and now we will be on the lookout to see who's going the extra mile.  I'm very hopeful for the fruit this will bring. 

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