Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Big Rocks

It's time to go back to school!! I am so glad and it is not a moment too soon! We have had an extended break this summer as we stopped early in the spring to move. Lots of new stuff for us this year not the least of which is I have a school room!!!!

Stinky Pete is officially joining us with a Letter of the Week preschool program which I know she will LOVE! It looks like fantastic fun! You will see lots of pictures from this I'm sure. Lucy and I will embark on a new to us curriculum from My Father's World. I'm really excited about this because it is a biblically based program with scripture to memorize each week. We will still be using Math-U-See as we take on division and another new to us program called Total Language Plus to cover language arts. We are also joining a weekly co-op for the fall that has lots of new fun adventures waiting for us. More to come on that later.

So what are the three big rocks? When Mike started his job here, he had had to create a yearly schedule that included three big rocks he wanted to move within the ministry year. I thought this was a fabulous idea as I am a person who tends to get really short sighted and bogged down in details. So here are my three big rocks for this school year.

For Lucy:
1) Understanding, valuing and implementing honor. I am reading this book and I just love the concepts presented. Showing and giving honor are in concert with what I feel like God is dealing with me about selfishness. As the saying goes, "What's good for the goose..."

2) Language arts skills. I feel like this is an area I have lacked in teaching Lucy and probably one of the greatest academic skill sets she'll need. Lots reading, writing and comprehension are in store with TLP. We are going to read 3 novels this year: The Courage of Sarah Nobel, Charlotte's Web and I am still undecided on the third.

3) Responsibility. This is such a broad subject and I need to refine some specific goals here in the next couple weeks as I get planning. But this is very much on my radar and crosses academics as well character matters.

For Stinky Pete:
1) Scripture memory. We are using this great lineup that she and I started last spring. Way fun!

2) Learning honor. She and Lucy will be working together on this one!

3) Letters and numbers. Her Letter of the Week plan is so cute! I'm super excited to show you all that she will be doing.

Whew! Seems like a lot. I better get going! How about you? Any rocks you want to move this school year?

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