Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm sooooo excited right now I just have to tell somebody how fun God is. And lucky for you my story is to long to text to anybody, so you get first dibs on the scoop! :)

Several weeks ago I was heading out of town with a girlfriend. We passed a yard sale that had an old one seat, arm desk chair. I jumped out real quick and asked the lady about it. She wanted $30 for it and immediately said she'd sell it for $20. I hesitated because I REALLY wanted the desk, but I thought that was a ridiculous amount. Normally I'm a haggler and love to bargain, but for whatever reason I didn't, jumped back into the car and went on my way.

Since then I have kicked myself a thousand times regretting not buying that thing. And equally as often I have tried to comfort myself by convincing myself she would not have sold it for under $10, which was at the high end of what I wanted to pay for it. So I have been faithfully asking (read begging, whining, complaining, and lusting) God for a desk for cheap (read under 10 bucks!).

So now your up to speed save the last 24 hours. This week I joined a local homeschool group and got registered in the Yahoo email group. This morning an email came through from said group with a post about a yard sale for this weekend and some of the treasures that would be available. Well, you can guess what one of the items was! YES! A desk! I quickly emailed the lady back questioning the specifics. And it sounds to be the exact thing I'm looking for! And the best part is she only wants $5 for it!!!! Yipppppeeeeee!!!!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas morn! I can't tell you how happy this makes me!! I'll repent later for lusting, coveting, finding my joy in stuff and all that jazz. ;) So, I'm heading out in a bit to go pick it up and I'll show what it looks like when I get back!!

You can't convince me God doesn't care about the little things!! He knows, my friend and sometimes He just like to show off!! This was one of those fun times!! Thank you Jesus!!!

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