Friday, January 23, 2009


Lucy and I have found a new FREE hobby, letterboxing.  I have never heard of this before two weeks ago, but it is a pretty popular thing.  You can read about it here.  The basic idea is it's a scavenger hunt of sorts to find a box with a hand made stamp in it! They are all over the country (I think even the world) and here are some that we have recently found.

In Lakeland.

This one was a "hitchhicker" with the one in Lakeland.

One guess where we found this one!

This one was in Stone Mountain National Park.

And this one was just outside of Pigeon Forge along the river. We had to help trace this one becasue we were having trouble with the ink.

We are working on carving one ourselves and finding a good place to hide it.  It's a pretty fun, FREE new hobby! (Did I mention it was free??)


Michelle Cordero said...

I must say, this was the most exciting post! I love stuff like this and the fact that its free.... it looks like so much fun. Have you guys created your own stamp yet??

Rachel said...

not yet, but I'll post it when we do! :D

Chef Penny said...

hahaha! so, your addicted now?

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