Monday, January 26, 2009

It's time

Well, the holidays are over, vacation is over and my birthday is over so that means it's time!  Time to start taking the rest of this weight off.  My new year's goal is to get into a size medium by the end of the year. I really think that I can do this by the summer.  I'm not exactly sure how much weight I want to loose, but I think 40 pounds ought to do it.  If I can loose 2 pounds a week I should be there by June - perfect for bathing suit time! 

2 pounds a week is a good goal.  It's pretty attainable, it's a good rate to keep the weight off and shouldn't be too incredibly difficult.  Plus I have the added bonus that Mike is gonna do this with me! Feel free to encourage us both and for God's sake if we eat together, don't offer us any dessert!!  


meganlee said...

i would love to do this with you!!

Rachel said...

Please, by all means! :D

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