Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When we moved to Winter Haven 4 years ago, Lucy made a friend at our church named Bailey. The two of them have been peas in a pod since they first met.
Bailey suffers from ONH - Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.  ONH is a congenital birth condition in which the optic nerve fails to develop normally and is one of the leading causes of blindness in children. Bailey's vision has been measured as 20/560 (right eye) and 20/2400 (left eye) leaving her legally blind. She has had vision therapy since she was 6 months old and the family was told there is no cure.  However they recently found alternative treatment available in Thailand and are now on a journey to raise $50,000 to get treatment.  Bailey, her mom and grandma will travel to Thailand for a month long treatment leaving behind a 5 year old sister and 2 year old brother with dad.  

Why am I telling you all this? 

They need some help.  First and foremost, prayer.  I can't fathom going to another country for a month without my husband and all my children.  Please pray for Bailey's parents and siblings. This will be tough.  Please pray for the money to come in.  The $50,000 covers the plane tickets and treatments but undoubtedly there will be more expenses.  Please also pray for the doctors that will work with Bailey.   Please pray for Bailey too.  Her biggest concern for the trip is that the beds in Thailand will be hard.  She has such a sweet spirit.   

Watch Bailey's story on Bay News 9 or read it in The Ledger.

You can also help financially.  You can donate on Bailey's website and the family is having a huge garage sale this weekend as a fundraiser.  It will be next to the Family Foods in Polk City (303 Broadway Blvd) on Saturday, Jan 31st at 8:00 am. There will be something for everybody!  Here is a map.   The family will have more fundraising opportunities in the future.
Bailey is one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet.  She loves life and has an incredible sense of humor.  She is artistic, compassionate and so very smart!  I am so excited to see what God has in store for this little girl and her family.  She is such a joy and a blessing.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and support for this amazing little girl.

  • Garage sale for Bailey's trip to Thailand 
  • This Saturday, January 31st
  • 8:00 am till the stuff is gone
  • 303 Broadway Blvd, Polk City  (Map)

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Nadine Francis said...

Hey Rach!
I won't be able to go this Saturday to the garage sale for Bailey...but would love it if you would keep us all informed of upcoming fundraisers for this family! Please let them know that we will be praying for them.

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