Tuesday, October 28, 2008


In our triads this week, we are learning about prayer.  Last week was about meditation.  I can't tell you how much this really is a discipline! I want so bad to jump into my routine of what I know to study the Word and hear from the Lord.  But this morning as I set out to be "disciplined" in meditating and praying, I began whining to God how I didn't like this and wanted to do what I know and is comfortable.  I felt him speak to my spirit about what discipline really is.  

To be dedicated to get up and work out every day is great!  But if all I ever workout is my biceps, I am missing out on a bigger, better picture of health.  I have to exercise and train every other muscle group to be as strong as my biceps now are.  To leave out the other muscle groups is really lacking and to keep only working my biceps isn't taking me to a better picture of health. Great, I've got the biceps trained - that's excellent, but part of being disciplined is gaining the whole picture.  And, is it really a discipline to train something that is already strong? 

So, now I am training myself in a new discipline of prayer and meditation and the truth is these muscles are very weak! But as always, the burn after a good workout is so rewarding.  I am excited to gain a better picture of being "disciplined", or as the scriptures say - a disciple.

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