Saturday, May 26, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

We made it through our first year of public school and what a great year it was. The girls had excellent teachers, support staff and classmates. Lots of learning happened and tons of fun too. And oh my gracious has Lucy changed and matured this year. Here they are back in August.

And here she is last week with her teacher. 

Ok,  so maybe she doesn't look so different to you, 
but this momma sure sees it. 

Stinky Pete and her teacher.

Wow! I can hardly believe I am now the parent of a first grader and a middle schooler! 

Stinky Pete's birthday was this month and we celebrated this weekend. What better way to prepare for summer than with a pedicure? 
That's a whole bunch of prissy in the tub scrubbin' feet! I'm not sure if there were more giggles or toes! And what good is a pedicure without a new pair of hand crafted flops? 

To fully get ready for summer, this year for Mother's Day I got to spend the whole day sewing! I had gotten all the parts for this project some time ago and have been waiting for the right time to whip it together. It's our official picnic blanket. 

It's just a simple bandanna quilt and I have wanted to make one for years. I found a denim bed skirt in FL years ago at a yard sale and knew instantly I wanted to back a bandanna quilt top with it. The bandannas were only a dollar at my happy place, Hobby Lobby. I got it all together on Mother's Day and finished it off this afternoon. There are all kinds of crazy, sloppy mistakes all over it, but my favorite part of this project is the FINISHED part! 

My lovely model! Grin. Can't wait to share some PB & J and goldfish with my girls on here. We have lots of summer plans already including a trip to NC to see family and back to FL as well. 
 Come on summer, we are ready!! 

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