Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to make a difference for Christ in this age

I read the following post over at Serving Strong the other day. So simple, so good. Hope your summer is off to a great start!

Start each day with an uplifting song.
Be generous.
Encourage others.
Be real.
Admit mistakes.
Stand for what’s right; Right what’s worth standing for.
Listen to understand.
Laugh a lot.
Appreciate the dead; Appreciate the living.
Persuade to consider, not to win.
Care for yourself.
Share your story when you’re asked.
Dive into the deep end of Christ; Stop treading water.
Ask for little.
Use technology for good.
Do what you say.
Change your passwords every 6 months.
Be sensitive to each person’s emotions.
Blame no one.
Look for the opportunity.
Smile at the mirror.
Search the eye color in each person you meet.
Give the barista $5.00 to give to the next stressed person in line.
End each day with a Psalm.

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Scott Couchenour said...

Thanks for linking back, Rachel. Hope you have a great day!!

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