Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Few Observations

Tomorrow marks a week of it officially being Spring, despite that fact that there was snow here two mornings ago, this means I have made it through my first "real" winter.  I would not say that I have merely survived it, but rather enjoyed every minute of it and have made some observations about this season that most Floridians know not of. Here they are in no particular order.

-Seat warmers are the best.

-Crutches and ice go together like water and oil.

-The weathermen here are as excited about any amounts of snowfall as the weathermen in FL are about any type of tropical storms.

-My body is not partial to black ice or visible ice, I will fall on both.

-When you fall, just lay still. The ice will quickly begin soothing the impacted area.

-A garage is a blessing!!

-Traction control is a myth.

-Layers, layers, layers!

-You can carry absolutely nothing when your arms are padded 6 inches thick to keep warm, namely a purse on the shoulder.

-Keys do not like fleece gloves and refuse to stay in contact with them.

-Bending over to pick up the keys always involves a risk of slipping and falling.

-Cold weather allows for fabulous hair!

-No one can see your fabulous hair because of your hat, scarf, and ear warmers.

-Hot chocolate is much more enjoyable when it's actually cold out!

-I am absolutely mesmerized with falling snow.

-A fresh coat of snow makes the scenery breathtaking.

- In approaching severe weather, the locals run for milk, bread and eggs. Evidently they like french toast when it's cold out.

-I will be horribly disappointed if it doesn't snow at least the same amount next year.

-Remote auto start on a vehicle is the greatest invention ever.

-My 4 year old can shovel much more snow than I imagined she could!

-Sleds are more work than fun in farm country.

-Knit gloves do not make for fun snow play. 

-Soup actually warms you! Could be why I never ate much of it in FL.

-The mid 30's feels like a heat wave after a week of teens and single digits.

-Contrary to FL, just because the sun is shinning does NOT mean it's blazing hot out.

-Snuggling is way more fun when it's cold!

- A white Christmas is an amazing gift and I'm completely convinced it's how Christmas is supposed to be experienced.

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Marie said...

Yay! Love your observations, they made me laugh! :) Next year we should take the kids sledding where I used to go when I was little. It will be fun. :)

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