Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse?

Outside the front door about 2:30
Mike coming home from work about 5ish.

Making tracks to get in the garage.

Standing just inside the garage and the wind is blowing!
The front porch about 9:30.
Good morning!!
Where is the shovel?!
Think we can get out?  
Haven't hit the ground yet. 
She's in almost up to her waist!!
Streets are clear! Sidewalks...not so much.
A random house in town. There are steps under there somewhere.
There are steps under there somewhere too!
Thank you God for my garage!
This is Trinity. Don't think we'll be using the door on the left today!
Yep, that's plowed over up to the stop sign.

Remember this pic form the first snow back in November?
Here we are after the Chi-beria experience.

Fun in the backyard!

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Marie said...

Whoa, so that is what it looks like out there!

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