Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time For Some Crafts

Since I've had some time to, well, sit, I finally finished a few projects.

I saw this cute idea over here last last year and wanted to make these for my brother and his family. They LOVE to play games together so I made some personalized game card holders for them all.

(The front with their names.)

They were so easy to make out of sour cream lids, brads and stickers. My kids want some now too! 

And Stinky Pete wanted a new purse.

(Yes our tree is still up!)

 I missed some birthdays recently too. My niece wanted a new apron.

And a couple of journals for some girlfriends.

And I also made a few of these adorable small treat totes for Christmas and I can't believe I forgot to get pictures! So bummed about that because they turned out so cute!

And just for fun, this was a rag baby quilt I made this summer that I never showed off. My pictures are pretty bad, but it turned out sooo cute!

Anybody working on Valentines crafts yet?

1 comment:

Marie said...

The purse turned out SO GOOD!!! Super cute!
Love the journal covers too, so pretty! You are so crafty!

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