Monday, November 1, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

holy experience

Some of His graces I enjoyed this week:

8. a quiet, still morning
9.  hearing my hubby snore and knowing he is resting well (not while I'm trying to sleep of course)
10. listening to my girls giggle in bed before the day starts
11. my favorite mug filled with hot chocolate and brimming with marshmallows
12. the freedom of not having a rushed and hectic schedule
13. bike rides though the brilliant colors of fall
14. pushing my kids faster and faster on the merry-go-round
15. great music that worships The Creator (track 3 is my new favorite)
16. dancing in the kitchen with my daughter
17. my youngest snuggled in my lap watching a movie
18. a late night talk with my hubby
19. the girls sleeping in till 9:30!!! (Praise you Jesus!!)
20. a good hair day
21. a friend who texts to say she's praying for me
22. watching my youngest run to give daddy one more kiss goodbye before work
23. listening to my kids pray
24. hearing my girls giggle while we play games for school
25. strawberry cake!!
26. payday!
27. a house full of groceries
28. not having to wait a week to see a Dr.
29. insurance
30. friends who are praying for me
31. watching my kids play and be friends
32. a sweet new neighbor
33. dinner out with new friends
34. garlic cheddar biscuits!
25. celebrating a birthday with a shut in and seeing my kids make her smile
26. my small group girlfriends
27. hearing my girls giggle with a friend
28. listening to Lucy sing Stinky Pete to sleep
28. a relaxed Sunday morning
29. watching my hubby do what he was created to do
30. celebrating communion
31. fun size Butterfinger (hmm can we call this a gift? Oh YES we can!)
32. having a heart to heart with my oldest
33. hearing my youngest scream and giggle while I tickle her
34. having time AND energy to work on a project
35. dance class for my girls
36. NOT hitting the two deer that jumped out in front of the car at night
37. family dinner
38. movie night with my man

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