Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of Co-op

Today was our first day in our new homeschool co-op. We had a great time!

First a picnic lunch with our friends.

Some play time.

(Have I mentioned I LOVE my new phone camera?)

Some hang time.

And class time.

Stinky Pete got to be the Police Man while she learned about respect.

Lucy is learning how to crochet.

That's a class full of girls and yarn.

Our co-op has over 70 families involved! They have this deal organized and down pat! It ran so smoothly and successfully. Lucy has three 1 hour classes; crocheting, time & money, and a study on WW2 with the American Girl Molly. Stinky Pete has one 3 hour, preK class where she will be working letters, numbers, colors and a character trait - with lots of down time too. This year is off to a great start!


Jackie said...

I am so glad you all have found a co op! We love ours here in NC. I also love the fact your girls are wearing jackets on the first day of co op! Enjoy a real fall season, my friend!

TheMenuMom said...

How fun is that! Where do you meet? I wish I found them last year when we were homeschooling!

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