Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tour

This is for all my friends that have been asking for pics. Please remember I am NOT a photographer and we just moved in, and ....ok, enough excuses, here we go! But seriously, don't judge me! haha
View of the front door standing at the street.
This is a duplex, our door is on the right. Our neighbors are a nice young couple with a golden retriever puppy that girls have already adopted. (10 month old 100 lb PUPPY). The hubby is a Dr. - that's always a good neighbor to have!

Front door with my little photographic helper.

The east side of the property aka new neighbors soon.

Coming in the front door. Like our pretty new TV???!!!

The front door and window - notice anything missing?

Kitchen and dining room from standing at the edge of the living room.
It's so bright in here!

Kitchen and island - LOVE this space!

Ok, now, before I show you this next picture,
you have to see what I used to have:

And now you can appreciate my new favorite drawer in the house!
Yes that's 9+ divided places for the silverware!!! (sigh of happiness)

Here's the dining room and sliding glass doors. Along with a view of the construction. And yes that's my sewing machine on the table - YEP, we're home!

And here is the utility room that leads into the garage.

I think we will be able to get both cars in here...eventually.

Here we are back into the kitchen standing at the sink looking down the hallway. The guest/kids bath is the 1st door on the left and we are looking into master bedroom and the door hinge of girls room. The spare room is just to the right of girls room.

Guest/kids bath. Nothing missing in here right?

Here we have the office/music room/library/sewing room/school room/spare bedroom and Stinky Pete's closet. It'll all fit right?

The other corner of our "multipurpose room".

Here's the girls room. Looks like home to me!

And our bedroom.

Don't be jealous of our pretty pink and purple princess sheet curtains!

Our bathroom.

The shower. I only show it to you cause it's huge with a bench in it! How crazy is that?!

And last but not least, my favorite space in the house....
Our enormous, huge, gigantic, bigger than I've ever had, walk-in closet!!!

There you go. We are still waiting on blinds, towel racks and a few other loose end kind of things, but this place is great!! I also hope to be able to paint soon and then we can get our stuff up on the walls. God has blessed us beyond measure here and we are so very grateful! There is plenty of space for you when you come to visit us, so come on! See ya soon!

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Angel said...

woo hoo! Your kitchen is HUGE! LOVE it. Get the spare room ready for me! :)

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