Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mamma always said...

...that if you eat to many cookies before dinner you'll spoil your appetite. I think that I'm beginning to believe that she may have been right.

Life has me in a peculiar place now that I am unfamiliar with and exhausted in. I have been observing lent with a fast from sugar, which to be transparent, has only brought frustration and aggravation and nothing even remotely close to the intended results of fasting.

After chatting with my buddy Jess this evening I felt the Lord speak to me that I have simply "spoiled my appetite." Along with frustrated and aggravated, I have been completely miserable inside and presumably outside as well. (Oh! My poor family!) It only stands to reason that I am distressed because while I am full, I am malnourished - and I am NOT referencing my dietary intake.

So, I'm calling myself to a soul fast. For me, this means a blog writing and reading, facebooking and emailing fast. I want to hunger for my Jesus and for His Word. The truth is, acknowledged or not, I'M STARVING FOR IT!

So, for the next week(ish) if you need me, phone, text or Mike is the way.

The funny thing is that I never really believed momma because another appetite always came.

This time, I'm counting on that!

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Melanie said...

May the Bread of Life fill you to overflowing...

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