Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We have lots of birthdays in March and I have been on the ball. (How unlike me!)

I thought I'd show you what every one is getting. Sorry the pictures aren't better, but you get the idea.

My 14 year old sister-in-law is getting this cute purse I made loosely using this tutorial. It's got kinda a velvety carpet bag thing going on. I love it! I need to make another for myself!

Here's the inside with a little pocket. She is also going to get some of these that we made.

Stinky Pete's little friend is turning 5, so I made her this cute bag using this tutorial.

I also made her this little zippy bag that matches (from this tutorial) and I think I'll put some little lip glosses and polishes in it for her. Too cute! There was enough material to make two. Hmm, wonder who will get the extra one...

My Nephew is turning 4 and is all about the movie Cars. So I made him this pillow case with his name on it.

Then I made these cute crayon rolls with the leftover material for my girls just for fun. Here is the tutorial for them. So easy and cute!

My machine has been getting a workout but, I love it!!

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