Friday, February 12, 2010

This and that

This morning I read this great article about motivating kids. I like the idea of letting Lucy pick out what she wants to study for one day, so I mentioned it to her and she got very excited! Next Wednesday is the day she will study only what she wants to - I think it will be the violin. On Tuesday we will go to the library and get some books and I'll help her on Wed on the net. Then Thursday morning she has to present to Daddy and I what she has learned. Sounds like a fun change of pace.

Last night I was reading through some emails and found a link to this cool web page. It has all kinds of fun stuff. My favorite two things are the word searches you can make (for spelling) and the fun monthly calendars. I printed out February's which has stuff on it like Random Acts of Kindness Day, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Debuted, 1968, International Polar Bear Day, Ferris Wheel Day with tons of links! More good ways to switch it up and still be learning.

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