Wednesday, February 17, 2010

About God

These were the final thoughts in my study this morning: (reading from Luke 2:39-52 : Jesus as a boy in the temple)
Before we close, please understand one more thing about questions and answers. In verse 48 Mary asked Christ a question. In verse 49, Christ gave her an answer. Verse 50 tells us however, that she didn't understand the answer He supplied. There you have it. Another very real possibility: we might ask Christ a question and receive and answer, though we still may not understand the answer-until later. Maybe much later.
In my opinion Christ's response was quite interesting. I've searched every Greek translation I can find and none of my resources have an original word that directly translates to house(NIV) or business(KJV). From what I can gather, a more precise translation of Christ's response might be: "Didn't you know I had to be about my Father?"
That question implies the desire of my heart more than any other I can imagine. I just want to be about God. Not about ministry. Not about my own agenda. Not about writing bible studies. Not about me at all. When all is said and done, I would give my life for people to be able to say, "She was just about God." That would be the ultimate legacy. "Not that I have already obtained this...but I press on" (Phil. 3:12)
Dear student, may we live lives that would cause others to be surprised to find us any other place than to "be found in him" (Phil3:9).

Jesus, please continue to draw me to You the way Your Father drew You to Him. I too, want to be about You.

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