Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have come to realize something about myself - I love great questions!

Somehow in my mind while I was growing up, there was a very negative connotation when you asked a question. For some reason asking a question and questioning authority were synonymous.

But I have recently realized that asking, thinking about and answering great questions is very freeing. It really helps me get outside of my box. It makes me thing about what I believe instead of believing something "just because". I have come to realize that I really enjoy being challenged to think and therefore grow and learn. I have also realized to not think about things just makes me a mindless robot stuck in legalism and religion. That sounds nothing like abundant living to me.

I also think God loves questions, in fact, one of the first conversations we see with Him in the garden is asking one; "Where are you guys?" I think that God welcomes our questions as we see in the example with Abraham and Sodom. I think He is not challenged by questions based on this example.

At The Roots Community, we are asked great questions all the time and given the opportunity to share. I love this! My buddy Jess is forever asking great questions that make me think. I love how he challenges me to search out scripture.

So here are a couple of my favorite questions right now:

-If Jesus is the head of the church, what does that functionally look like?

- If the payment for sin is eternal damnation, then why isn't Jesus still in hell?

What about you? Do questions challenge you or scare you?

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