Saturday, April 4, 2009


We are finishing up the first week of a new (to me) homeschool idea called workboxes.  A friend shared the idea with me and so far we really like it! It has really been fun and very helpful.  Lucy has been getting more work done in less time than usual.   And Booboo loves to see what's next. 

The basic gist of the idea is this: each daily assignment goes in it's own box.  But what makes this fun is you can really mix it up and throw in some cool stuff (that I've spent a bunch of money on and never seem to get around to) to mix up the day and add variety. 

The mom that came up with this system has an autistic child that needed more independence. But this works great for kids without autism too!  You can check out her website here.  Here are some other friends that are using this system. There was also a big discussion on the FIAR boards if your really interested.

So, this is what ours looks like.

This is Lucy's.

And here is Booboo's.

I didn't have the money for clear shoe boxes (like the book calls for) so I called some local Payless's and got all I needed and more for free! So far it seems really great and is a great help to the spring slump we were in around here. 

One of the fun things that Booboo get in her boxes is file folder games (which she LOVES). Here are a couple.

This one is an ABC match.

And this one is a color match.

She absolutely loves these and they are so easy to make.  They have been very helpful in keeping her preschool hands busy and I wish I'd found them sooner!  Here is a website for free ones and here is a great website for very reasonably priced ones. Lucy also has some that are for her grade level that she enjoys as well.

I'm so glad to have some variety AND a schedule. Workboxes are a great fit for us!  


Chef Penny said...

What a great idea!!!! I'm so stealing it!

Ginger said...

Well, if those are the darned cutest cupcakes I've ever seen in my life... LOVE IT!!!

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