Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night I was watching my favorite TV preacher Dr. Fredrick Price and he was speaking about how how to develop your faith.  It was an excellent teaching.  He is so gifted.  

In his talk he quoted Romans 1:17 which says: the just shall live by faith.  That came alive to me like never before.  This morning I checked it out with Strong's and here might be another interpretation:  Those accepted by God (because of the blood of Jesus) will live, breathe and enjoy real life out of conviction of the truth.    

I want to enjoy real life and not be worrying about everything all the time.  I know the truth of the Word of God that says He will provide all my needs and I know that He tells me not worry about what I will eat and drink and wear, that He will provide that.  But is what I know convicting me to have actions that show that's how I feel?  

 James says that faith without works is dead.  So, if I'm accepted by God because of Jesus, and I will live real life out of conviction, either what I believe is not really truth, or I'm not REALLY convicted.  

God, thank you for Your great patience with me.  Move me to action that lines up with Your truth so that Your son's death will not be in vain in my life.  I wan to enjoy real life that You came to give me. 

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