Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Fun

Is summer over already? Boy it was sure hot today, but the kids are in school so that means it's supposed to be fall right? I'm ready!

Here is a picture recap of a few of our fun adventures this summer.

                                       Fun in Abuello's BIG back yard near the mountains.

Some neighborhood horses near Abuellos' house.

Cousin fun.

Group hug goodbye for Abuello.

Cousin fun at the Lincoln Museum.

The girls and I went to Indiana beach and had a blast. This was atop the BIG ferris wheel.

A personal favorite ride, the swings!

Stinky Pete's fav, the carousel.

This was in the van on the way to Niagara Falls. Where is Stinky Pete?

There she is!! This kid loves tents!

Our hotel had the BIGGEST bathroom!

The Falls. So beautiful. Pictures do not do justice.

The Maid and Mister of the Mist.

On the way home we found the house where they filmed the movie The Christmas Story.

Playing around in the gift shop.

We also toured the USS Cod Submarine.  This was so fun! It was a self guided tour on a kept in tact actual submarine, We could touch all the controls, open all the drawers and and lay in the bunks. The girls couldn't believe how close the beds were.   

Checking out out the machine gun on top.

I think Daddy may have liked this part best!

The girls scored free tickets to 6 Flags for reading this year. We managed to pick up a few extra tickets and brought some friends. What a fun day! This was the first coaster of the day and everybody rode! (Some of us in the family are NOT coaster riders and refer to themselves as "the purse holder.")

Sweet friends.

Here we go!!

My favorite ridding buddy.

And this was the highlight of my day! I have been wanting to ride this ride for YEARS! It's called Superman, and appropriately so. After you are belted/locked in, the seats turn so you feel like you are flying through the air. I was the only one who was tall enough that wanted to go, so go I DID! Here is a short video of how they load you on the thing. It is the baddest ride I've ever been on! Can't wait to have a chance to go again, so very fun!

What a great summer this has been! But school has started now and we are finding our new rhythm. The girls are enjoying it. Mostly. Haha Still adjusting to the school day starting at 8:30 instead of 10ish. :) They both like their teachers and are making new friends. I'm excited to see what God has in store for the school year. I think it's gonna be good. 

How about you? Is your summer over yet?  What has been your favorite part? 

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Marie said...

Fun summer! :) My favorite part of summer was vacation with my family. This is a fun post, maybe I will do one!

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