Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You!!!

My friends that are moving to the Haiti/Dominican Republic border had an opportunity last week to go and visit the area they will be moving to. They posted TONS of great pictures of Face Book.  Go check it out.

I made a set of headbands for her to take to the girls there. Here are some of the pics. So precious!

The little girl on the right makes me giggle. 

This is the orphanage they will be moving into.

A typical home in Jimani.

The village of Batey 41 in Haiti.

This is the border. To the left is the Dominican and to the right Haiti.

This is the school/church room in Batey 41.

Vanderly and some of the local kids.

Stephen and the boys.

Love this one.

Thank you all so much for your support in helping my friends take the good news of Jesus to Haiti and The Dominican Republic. So far the headbands have raised almost $300 for them!! 

You guys are amazing!!!! 

I still have a few headbands left, get them quick!

What color(s) would you like?

you can donate to the Arnolds on their website here.

I will probably make another big batch with all new fun fabrics in August to help raise some more support for my lovely friends.  Thank you again so much, what a blessing!!!!

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Chef Penny said...

I love how Stephen is as tall as the house! :)

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