Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ornament Exchange

For the last couple of years we have participated in an ornament exchange with a group of homeshcoolers across the nation that use the Five In a Row curriculum.  While we are not technically using that this year, we still thew our names in for the exchange. I LOVE that curriculum.

Here are the ornaments we sent out this year.  Lots of families make ornaments based on the FIAR books, but since this is our first year to live where it snows, we made snowflakes.

This is the one we kept for our tree.

This one is from Missouri and the book Papa Piccolo. So cute.

This one is from Arizona and the book A Pair of Red Clogs
Lucy loved this book when we studied it. She even had a friend make her a pair of red clogs. So fun. 

This is from Ohio and the book Snowflake Bentley. I was glad we studied this one. Lucy remembered a lot from it as we've had fun in our new environment. 

This was from South Carolina and the book The Big Snow
We never did this book and just may have to now.

This one is from Arizona as well. A clay pumpkin from the book The Pumpkin Runner. Another great book. This is actually the book we used for the exchange last year.

There are five more that we should get soon. I'll show ya when they get here.  This is such a fun swap for us and the families are always so creative.

How about you? What's your favorite or most memorable ornament you've ever gotten?

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