Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"I am well pleased"

This morning in my study time, my devotional prompted me to read Matthew 17:7. But my eyes caught this part of verse 5 first which says this: This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased.

I wondered if I'm not the only one who needed to know this today. I want to encourage you in what I felt Him say to me;
In Christ, you are His MOST precious, beloved child, and with you He is well pleased! There is no need to perform, worry or be anxious. 'Rise up dear one, and have no fear.' (Matt 17:7)

He is pleased with you and I! Lets get up in the knowledge of that and leave the dismay behind! We have the approval, admiration and acceptance of the Most High. What more is there? I pray you feel His face shining on you today, you are the apple of His eye!

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