Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This year we made an advent calendar. I cut some red and green construction paper in half and made 24 cones. Then printed out and glued on some numbers, punched holes and strung them. In each cone I put a family activity to do together and stuffed it with some tissue paper.

The girls have LOVED reading what we will do together each day. This will be a new tradition now I'm sure.

Today's card said we had to dress fancy for dinner. He we are in our finest using my beautiful china my parents gave me.

It was so much fun to get all dressed up for dinner. The girls had a great time. We had yummy pork chops with bacon potato salad, smashed cauliflower, cream cheese rolls and sparkling apple cider. Then for dessert we had ice cream and some fun iced cookies from Publix.
This was the best we could for Mike and I. Hahaha

Those are some of the cards in the cones and here is a list of all the family things we are doing this month;
1 Cookies and milk with Santa
2 Make Christmas cards
3 Make Christmas cookies
4 Sing Christmas songs
5 Puppet bedtime stories
6 Watch a Christmas movie
7 Breakfast for dinner
8 Give everyone crazy hairstyles
9 Make Christmas ornaments
10 String popcorn
11 Go to a Christmas party
12 Have a picnic dinner
13 See a Christmas show
14 Read Christmas stories
15 Dress fancy for dinner
16 Take family pictures
17 Dance to Christmas music
18 Hangout at Downtown Disney
19 Have ice cream with all the fixins'
20 Have a scavenger hunt
21 paint every ones toenails
22 go look at Christmas lights
23 have hot chocolate with all the fixins'
24 go Christmas caroling

This is such a fun way to countdown to the birth of Jesus as well as make sure we are spending quality family time in this hectic season. Here, here and here are some great ideas for advent calendars. Oh and one more. Happy counting!

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Chef Penny said...

What a great idea! I am totally stealing it next year!

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