Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

E-mealz.com is the best thing ever to happen to my kitchen. I need serious help when it comes to planning menus and cooking, and I have found an answer!

This website is the best idea ever! For $5 a month (bought in 3 month increments) you click and download a weeks worth of meals, directions and grocery lists. All the information comes in 2 sheets. One sheet is the menu with instructions and the other sheet is the grocery list DIVIDED BY SECTIONS OF THE GROCERY STORE! (This is the worst part of my lists I make - I always crisscross the store 15 times!) There is also blank space to put extra item you need.

This is such a well thought out system. You can choose your family size (2 people or 4-6 people) as well as number of meals you want (5 or 7). You also choose which grocery store you shop at (Publix, Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc) and what type of meals you'd like to prepare (low carb, low fat, weight watchers, vegetarian etc.)

Get this: each week's menu is budgeted between $70-80! Granted, this does not include breakfasts or lunches but Dave Ramsey endorses this website, so you know it's budget savvy. In fact, if you type his name in the coupon code area, you get a discount of $2.50. That comes to $1 per week of someone else deciding the menu, organizing the preparations (aka no more hunting for recipes in cook books) and giving me a grocery list! I don't think there is dollar a week better spent!

We tried the sample menu on the site and the kids loved the meals, even my picky eater. Also the menu is rotated out so that a couple of favorites are tossed in every 5-6 months. There is my other dilemma - always cooking the same 4 meals. How much spaghetti can one family eat anyway? This is SUCH a GREAT help to me!!!

Finally, no more staring into the fridge at 5:00 thinking what in the world are we gonna eat tonight! And no more kids whining "Spaghetti again?!"

I heart e-mealz.com.

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