Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Missed Opportunity

Yesterday was a great day with The Church. Our Pastor Jesse started a series titled "The Beautiful Truth". It's sort of an antidote to the movie out now "The Ugly Truth". It is a series about the role of women, men and marriage.

It was a great conversation. Our discussion opened with some of the labels and expectations that the world places on women. Next, Jesse lead us through some of the scriptures of Jesus' interaction with women and the value He gave them. Great scriptures! Then his wife Anitra spoke and reminded us that we, as women, are made in the image of God, suggesting our first and foremost role - we are image bearers. It was so insightful and inspiring.

Then in a new normal format, Jesse opened up our time for some guided dialog. This is my new favorite part gathering. Jesse asks such thought provoking questions (at least they are thought provoking to me) . Usually they are questions that really challenge me and I rarely have a quick answer. Herein lies my missed opportunity.

After a great time of congregational sharing Jesse closed out our time with one final question; "If you had a microphone to the ear of every woman in the world right now, what would you say?"

Such a great question! As some other people shared, I felt Jesus whisper an answer to me. I waited patiently for Jesse to say "Anyone else?" after several people shared, but it didn't happen. Time was out and I missed the moment. I was so aggravated with myself because the moments that followed in communion were so sweet.

So, I will make an opportunity now.

If I had a microphone to the ear of every woman in the world right now I would say:

You are wildly, lavishly, passionately, recklessly, loved by the Creator of your soul. And, YOU are breathtakingly beautiful!

Jesus, how amazing that You made me in the image of You, a helper. Your love oh Lord, reaches to the heavens and I am overwhelmed!! Wash Your creation in Your love, Jesus.


Stook said...

Thank you, Rachel. thank you for the shout out!!!

Charlsey Dyer said...

Thanks, I needed that. :]

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