Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Did It!

I taught this morning at The Roots Community!  I was the first time to do that there and the first time at all in several years.

I was a nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

But, I made it through, to God be the glory!  And I'll take all the shame of the horrible nerves that kept me from taking a deep breath and being able to talk like a normal person.  Haha

It was a really cool time for me.  Right before the service Jesse encouraged us (my awesome friend Mary also spoke this morning and shared an amazing testimony) to not feel the need to over emphasize any given thought.  He said that when we do that we are putting our confidence in our flesh to be able to explain rather then the Holy Spirit to lead.  Good thought.

So, that cut my talk down from 6 minutes to 3.  haha

But all in all I felt like I was able to share the main idea if what God had given me.  Which, as Jesse also encouraged me, can be summed up in one statement: 

Control brings bondage but grace brings freedom.

Although I truly was an absolute nervous wreck, it was good for me.  I knew that what I was doing was right.  And even though I cried a bit as I got personal, I really did enjoy sharing!  I finally took a breath and relaxed just as I was almost done. I am excited and hopeful to have another opportunity and to get better.

Thank you Jesus that YOU are the true Teacher! Thank you for giving me the privilege of being a student of You.  May I never stop learning You. Thank you also for Your grace and Your freedom. Teach me to walk in Your ways Rabboni.  

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