Sunday, March 29, 2009

A tip for the ladies...

When a guy asks you "What do you want to eat?" he actually means .... 

(drum roll please) What do you want to eat? (insert cymbal crash followed by faint cricket chirps here)

No strings.
No innuendos.
No ulterior motives.

He is really just wondering if you would happen to have a hankerin' for Mexican or Italian.

That's all.

So, take you pick, enjoy the meal, and save 1500 of your 2000 words a day for lunch with your girlfriend tomorrow.


Mike said...

Rachel - interesting observation here.

I, personally, find that most guys are insensitive, crass, and don't understand that while a woman enjoys when her man makes decisions, she is also affirmed in his choice to honor her by taking her to the place(s) she requests and enjoys. It's an opportunity to act selflessly.

More people should understand just how amazing we are as a couple. They should at least attempt to comprehend how incredibly sharp our communication skills are after five years of dating and almost 13 years of marriage.

Man, we are quite an example.

....or I have a lot to learn :)

Mary Stucchi said...

I love you guys, I really do. You two are a .. first word that came to mind, sweetass couple.
sorry for the language. but that's what you are.
a great example of what to look forward to. communication bumps or no.

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