Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Over the last several months I have learned some interesting and somewhat random, but personal facts.  After dealing with some fertility issues, I have come to understand that around the time for a woman to conceive, her desire for her partner is naturally heightened.  Then after dealing with some blood work/health issues, I have learned that prunes are a very high source of iron as well as a natural laxative (a common necessity for a high iron diet).  An lastly, Mike and I were discussing an article he read stating that we have been some 200 odd days without any sun spots on the surface of the sun.  The article suggested that a possible theory for this is mother nature's way of helping us with global warming. (This is personal because the air is out in my car!) 

As I have thought over these interesting new truths, I have
 been so wooed by my Creator.  To know that He made me to desire my husband especially at a specific time that would create life proves John 10:10 to me - He came to give me life and ABUNDANT life.  To know that when I need more iron in my diet and then to provide it to me perfectly for my body to absorb and use, proves to me that He is the creator of every good and perfect gift.  And lastly, to create a universe that has sustained our abuse and is compensating for it proves to me how He is the only Elohim - The Creator.   

I am so wooed!  I can't think of any other word.  I feel like He is just subtly showing Himself off to me trying to catch my attention.  I am beginning to see that He is the only chaser.  He was the one who looked for Adam and Eve in the garden.  He was the one that suggested to Moses to build a Tabernacle so they could hang out.  He is the one who sent His son so He could be with with us - Emmanuel.   And it is He who is chasing me (us) still.  The truth is, I want to be chased and pursued and wanted.  I don't know one who doesn't and I can't wait to be caught again and again and again.

May your heart be wooed and caught by the lover of your soul. 

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