Friday, May 13, 2011

Headbands for Haiti

I'm finally ready to show you all this cute fabric I have been sewing like a mad woman over the last few weeks at every open minute. But first I have to tell you why I have been sewing.

About a year or so before we moved from FL, the Lord gave me a new friend and kindred spirit in Vanderly Arnold. This sweet woman of God and I hit it off over a common bond of babies.  I was recovering from a second devastating miscarriage and she was working through the fall out of an overturned adoption case followed by a surprise pregnancy.  A connection quickly formed and I have been blessed ever since.

Vanderly is a fellow homeschooling mom of 3 sweet beautiful children, Zoe (10) Joshua (6) and Eliana (1) and is married to an amazing man of God, Stephen. Not long after I met Vanderly while she was about 6 months pregnant, her husband was let go from his position at their church due to the failing economy. But God had a plan and began providing isolated construction work that supported their family need by need. As they wrestled through all the decisions that come with this kind of impacting occurrence, they felt the Lord tell them to go to Dominican Republic/Haiti area and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the poor and needy. Specifically the children as they will be moving into an orphanage to minister. They are determined to demonstrate God's elaborate love for people through bringing food and clean water to the hungry and thirsty, healing the sick, comforting the dying, embracing the lonely, and giving hope to the desperate. This lovely family is going to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a community in desperate need in Him.

They are currently partnering with the Chadasha Foundation and the New Springs Foundation while they are raising support in order to move their family out of the United States and into this gospel deprived area. This is where the headbands come in. While I absolutely love to sew and craft, how cool to use this hobby as a blessing not only for this family, but for the lives that they will impact half a world away.


They turned out so cute!!! And the elastic hair-tie at the bottom makes them comfy for both my girls heads and mine too.

Don't you want one? Or all eight? Here are close-ups of each of the fun fabrics.
Retro Dots

Spring Circles

Blue Butterflies

Summer Squigles

Neon Love

Purple Swirls

Peace and Love
(This one is Lucy's fav. Cheesy smiles are free.)

Fall Fun

While you are supporting my dear friends and their gospel planting journey, don't forget about your nieces, neighbors and friends! You can stock up for birthdays and stocking stuffers and random "just because" gifts. They are $3 for one headband or two headbands for $5. If you would like to read more about Vanderly and her precious family's ministry, you can check out their website here and donate here.

Lets help bring the good news to Haiti and look super cute in the process!

What color(s) would you like?

Thank you so much for being a blessing and for helping to take the gospel to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

(In the trial run to make sure my pay pal button worked, the final purchasing page does not show the colors you have chosen, but they did show up in the order to me, so don't worry! :) Thank you again so much!!)


Dawn said...

I just ordered a full set of headbands for my daughter and I! Our youngest is adopted from Haiti & we have left a piece of our hearts there - we'll be praying for your friend's ministry!

Melissa said...

Thank you for doing this for Stephen and Vanderly--what a great idea. My family and I are already working at the orphanage in Jimani and can't wait to have them here with us!!! I just bought 4 of the headbands for my daughter and a friend of hers :)

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